Thursday, January 18, 2007

It looks to be Nice.

Well, inshaAllah, I'm planning to go to Nice in February for a French A-Level trip... and I received my letter of confirmation from the French school we'll be studying at for a week yesterday.

Would I have avoided the pun in the title? Hah.

I found out one of us (either me or my friend Sophia) would have to call our (as I see her) foster-mère. I ended up doing it. This followed: (Sorry about the lack of capital letters and proper punctuation - it was a flighty email to my roomie)

(And sorry about the... well... French. Babelfish should do the job.)

aie aie aie!

i just called madame x
she was like "vous etes trois?"
"je crois.... err... non...."
"parce que monsieur blah-blah m'a dit que vous etes trois.."
"err... je ne sais plus..." (she thought i meant i didn't understand.. but i didddd!)
"two or three?"
"two... c'est moi, saira, et sophia." (i'd told her about you before as well)

after the details and stuff...
"...tu parles bien en francais, saira" ...
i was like yeah, right...

and then at the END
she said a bientot
then so did i
then she stayed on, and she was like... "je te chercherai, n'inquiete pas" or something
i was like "-ok-" (i thought i'd already said bye.)
"au revoir"
"au revoir" how many times am i going to say bye?then i hung up.

she was nice though. she must be like "poor english girls..."
And I think I told her my phone number wrong.

Ah well... I'll console myself with the thought that my place will be about 2 minutes' walk from the beach.

Oh yeah!

Okay, it will be February.

But, la beauté, la beauté!

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